What a RRIPA!

Welcome to RRIPA

At RDAQ 2009 on the Gold Coast, Health Workforce Queensland launched the Rural and Remote Incentive Programs Assistance Service (RRIPA) website.  Pronounced "ripper", RRIPA is an initiative of and developed by Health Workforce Queensland with the support of the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland.   Under one roof, RRIPA provides information and links to the plethora of incentives and support programs available, both financial and non-financial, government and non-government, to current and prospective rural medical practitioners in Queensland.  RRIPA provides a quick overview of these programs and relevant available contact information.

How do I find program information on the RRIPA site?

First, select your status (student or practitioner) on the toolbar above, then select one of three options:


Browse all programs:
Browse through the listed programs
Keyword search: 
Search for a specific program or type of program using a basic keyword search
Advanced search:
Search for programs relevant to your current circumstances by completing a brief personal profile

What else can I do?

  • Email program information to others
  • Print program information in a print friendly format
  • Access program news, Media Releases and Budget initiatives via RRIPA
  • Access all monthly eRRIPA newsletters
  • Utilise online search engines (GPARIA, and the new ASGC-RA)
  • Link to the Australian Government's "DoctorConnect" website for your current District of Workforce Shortage (DoWS) and also search your ASGC-RA category 
  • View the current list of Health Workforce Queensland GP Vacancies
  • and much much more!


Contact the RRIPA Team

Contact the RRIPA Team

For further information regarding our RRIPA website, please contact the RRIPA Team at Health Workforce Queensland.   We want RRIPA to continue to assist current and prospective medical professionals in Queensland to gain access to information on the variety of rurally relevant incentive programs and tools available from a myriad of places on the net, but until now have been unsure where to look!  Look no more, RRIPA is here!

Striving to Improve!  

Health Workforce Queensland is a "Quality Endorced Company" certified under the ISO 9001-2008 International Standard.  Our aim is to continually improve our services for our customers and RRIPA is our testimony to this.  We plan to expand RRIPA to accommodate other professions, e.g. Nurse Practitioners,  Allied Health and Pharmacy in the next phase.  If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of RRIPA , please don't hesitate to contact the RRIPA Team.





Health Workforce Queensland would like to thank RDAQ for the support and promotion of RRIPA.


Health Workforce Queensland is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
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